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Information of Interest About Our Practice

In order to make sure your visit to the practice goes smoothly, we've put together all the important information about how things work at the practice.

Please bring all prescription medications to your first visit.  If you have a list of medicine, please make sure that the dosage and frequency is indicated.  

A Medical history or Hospital Paperwork is always helpful to the staff.  In some cases recent bloodwork or diagnostic reports are also needed.

Don't forget to bring your insurance information with you

In order to register and treat you promptly, we request that our patients bring their current insurance information with them for each visit.

We accept most types of health insurance. Please contact us for further details.

Follow Up Instructions: Botox & Juvederm


Avoid laying down for 4 hours following your injecitons.  Avoid applying makeup or rubbing the skin on the face.  Do not work out or engage in intense physical activity for up to 48 hrs.  Any activity that raises blood pressure can effect the outcome of your procedure.  If you notice any signs of persistant redness, infections or bruising, call our office immediately.



For the first 48 hours after the procedure: Avoid pressure or touching the injected area of the face. Avoid applying makeup to the area. It is best to sleep on your back to avoid uneven pressure applied to the face.  If you notice any skin discoloration or signs of infection or bruising, call the office immediately.

Now Offering:


Prevent wrinkles and lessen lines with Botox.  Take years off your face with Juvederm to lift sagging skin

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